Bear Grylls 3-in-1 Hydro Lamp – Water Bottle, Solar USB Power Bank and Lantern (Huckleberry)

Water, Power and Light all in one tough BPA-Free Solar Water Bottle.
What if you could have one device that kept you hydrated, had a powerful lamp AND charged your phone or other USB devices? Introducing the Bear Grylls 3-in-1 Hydro Lamp – a fully integrated solar charging station and LED lantern housed in an impact-resistant water bottle. Whether you’re hiking, camping, cycling, training or traveling, the Hydro Lamp is sure to become an essential piece of gear for all your outdoor adventures. We developed the Hydro Lamp to ensure you’ll have your basic essentials in a compact and convenient solution. This solar LED lantern is also built tough from impact-resistant Tritan™ plastic – strong enough to last yet light enough to ease your load as well as your carbon footprint.
Product Details: Size: 20 oz/0.6L, Weight: 5.5 oz, 3 Light Modes: Low: 20 lumens, up to 10 hours of use at full charge, Medium: 50 lumens, up to 6 hours of use at full charge, High: 10 Lumens, up to 2.5 hours of use at full charge; Tritan™ Plastic: BPA-Free, lightweight, fully impact-resistant; Bottle is dishwasher safe, do not submerge the lid in water.
About Bear Grylls Bear Grylls is the ultimate modern-day adventurer. A former British Forces soldier and high-altitude mountaineer, Bear is a world-renowned survival expert. Bear Gear is built tough, so you can explore further.DESIGNED FOR VERSATILITY by the Bear Grylls product team to incorporate 3 essential components into a single compact design.
BPA-FREE TRITANTM WATER BOTTLE that’s ultra-lightweight and impact resistant.
INTEGRATED SOLAR USB POWER BANK to charge your phone or other compatible USB device in a fully-sealed, leak-proof lid that’s durable and safe.
3 ULTRA BRIGHT LEDs with 3 light modes: Low, Medium and High, for ideal illumination.
100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED with a one-year limited manufacturer’s Warranty.

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