ETROL Best Gift Emergency Survival Kit-First Aid Kit Tactical Molle Pouch, New Upgraded 90-in-1 Outdoor Emergency Survival Kit Gear for Camping Boat Hunting Hiking Home Car Earthquake (Camouflage-3)

Earthquake, yphoon, tsunami, tornadoes, floods and other natural disasters continue to increase the frequency of natural disasters, water outages, food Shortages, communication disruption, traffic disruption, rescue workers can not enter the rescue area, rescue workers and relief supplies arrived, we can only rely on their first time to start self-help, save each other. This requires a certain amount of tools. We launched this 90 in 1 emergency survival kit, more features, easy to carry, outdoor essential goods.

What You Get:
1 x Tactical Bag
1 x Instruction Book
1 x Tactical military knife
1 x Tactical torch flashlight
1 x 3M Survival paracord code
1 x Multi-function compass
1 x Fire starter
1 x Scraper
1 x Tactical key holder
1 x Tool card
1 x Whistle
1 x Wire saw
1 x Buckle Tourniquet
1 x PBT conforming bandage
1 x Tourniquiet
1 x Non-woven tape
1 x First aid scissors
1 x Plastic tweezers
1 x Emergency blanket
2 x Sterile gauze pad
20 x Alcohol prep pad
20 x Cotton swabs
20 x PE adhesive bandage
10 x Safety pins

ALL FOR YOU. Take this kit or choose some you need to go out and enjoy outdoor adventure or challenge nature. You can also get an improved child survival skills at home, or at home and on the car to deal with emergencies.🌈【Professional Emergency Survival Trauma Kit】The ETROL emergency survival kit combines Survival Gear, First Aid and Emergency Supply together, it is ideal for field tactical doctors, police, military, life-saving combatants, first responders, outdoor enthusiasts and more. Make sure you are well prepared in advance for an emergency during the outdoor adventure, hiking, camping, fishing, travel, disasters or accidents
🌈【FDA Approved & Professional Treatment Supplies】This First Aid Kit contains the most important first aid supplies for various treatments on the market. Buckle Tourniquet, PBT conforming bandage, Tourniquet, non-woven tape, first aid scissors, plastic tweezers, sterile gauze, a lot of alcohol swabs, cotton swabs, PE adhesive bandages, and safety pins, to stop massive bleeding, dressing or disinfection of wounds nd more, which will come in handy in case of unforeseen events
🌈【Practical Gift with 5-Star Customer Support】We designed this for customer’s safe, when it comes to yours or your family’s safety, there’s no room for compromise. It’s necessary when emergency situations. And it also can develop the teen boys ability to survive with hiking and camping. Every ETROL Outdoor Survival Kit comes with a 1-year warranty; NOT happy with it? Let us know, 100% REFUND or REPLACE
🌈【Quick Access & Top Quality Durable Supplies】The Survival Gear Kit includes the most popular outdoor survival necessities: 3-mode Tactical Flashlight, black stainless steel Tactical Military Knife, Fire Starter, Compass of the military class, a Multi-Function Tool Card, a loudly Whistle with 120db, Emergency Blankets which can retain 90% of body heat and more. Being customized and uniquely tested, our Survival First Aid Kit is designed to prepare you well in case of outdoor activities
🌈【Durable & Portable Tactical Molle Pouch】ETROL mini Survival Gear is ultralight, compact and portable with a Velcro strap system compatible with MOLLE so that it can be hooked to the backpack, belt or other. It offers large compartments and plenty of room to add your own equipment, including a special phone pocket and an emergency pen slot. Perfectly for any medical or emergency need during outdoor adventures like camping, mountain biking, fishing, hiking, hunting and more

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