Survival Kit EMDMAK Outdoor Emergency Gear Kit with Emergency Survival Tent for Camping Hiking Travelling or Adventures (Black 2)

This EMDMAK survival kit includes 11 different components. Each item in the cover is well made of high-quality material, very practical and durable. Easy to storage and carry. It’s a must have for any outdoor enthusiasts. It’s also a great gift for our friends who love outdoor enthusiasts.

Function of Each component:
☞ Stainless Steel Versatile Tool Card: A multi-tool by itself. It has can opener, knife edge, screwdriver, ruler, cap opener, 4 position wrench, butterfly wrench, saw blade, direction ancillary indication, 2 position wrench, and a key ring holder. All of that are made from steel.
☞ Tungsten steel pen can be used as a pen, its sharp head can be used in multi situations.
☞ Flashlight has High / Low / Strobe Light Modes and can adjust the focal length. (1 AA battery not included)
☞ Emergency Survival Shelter is a massive 8 ft x 5ft and comes with 20 ft of cord.
☞ Fire Starter: simply draw the strike rod down the block to create sparks to light your kindling.
☞ Compass: Compact, flexible and high sensitivity, works very well.
☞ Wire saw: Saw blades sharp and smooth, do not hurt hand and it is the fastest existing pocket wire saw, can cut stuff and pretty quickly.
☞ Emergency whistle: Loud, sealing position, good seal. Can put pills and personal information.
☞ Multifunction pliers: Needle nose pliers, wire cutters, knife, saw, cross and slot screwdrivers, bottle opener and a storage bag.
☞ Premium Case: Very good looking. Well made, waterproof, shock resistant, resistance to fall.

Packege including 11 Pieces:
1 X Stainless Steel Versatile Tool Card
1 X Fire Starter
1 X Compass
1 X Wire saw
1 X Emergency whistle
1 X Multifunction pliers
1 X Emergency Survival Shelter
1 X Flashlight
1 X Tungsten steel pen
1 X High-quality Tool Case
[8 in 1 Waterproof Case]: Stainless Steel Versatile Tool Card, Fire Starter, Compass, Wire Saw, Flashlight, Emergency Whistle, Survival Knife and Tactical Tungsten Steel Pen. Also with an Emergency Survival blanket. One case can meet your different needs.
[Multi-funcion Tool]: The steel tool card is a multi-tool, including 11 different tools. The flashlight has High / Low / Strobe Light Modes (1 AA battery not included). Each one in the case is very practical and durable.
[Potable & Lightweight]: The Size of survival kit is 6.3” X 4.1” X1.8”, The weight is 14.7 oz, very convenient to carry, can be placed in a backpack or car easily.
[High-quality Emergency Kit]: Each of the inside components is well made. The case is waterproof and shock resistant. The other 9 components are made from stainless steel or plastic material. Very sturdy and durable.
[A Must Have for Everyone]: Perfect for Outdoor Enthusiasts, It’s necessary when camping, hiking, hunting, biking, climbing, traveling, adventures, survival and in emergency situation. A must have for us. Also great gift for Outdoor Enthusiasts .

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